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'sRehabilitationProjectForce.htm • Brainwashing & brain Manage: Scientology exerts Handle in excess of its associates through standard cult practices, including although not limited to managing facts about inside doctrine & criticism from the Group, seriously limiting social Call outside the cult, creating an “us from them” mentality by villanizing a particular out-team (for Scientology, it’s psychiatrists), & saying all These outside the house the cult are unenlightened. • Violent Kidnapping - Lisa McPherson was a Scientologist, was involved in a car incident & resultantly became mentally unstable. She was kidnapped through the clinic by agents of Scientology, held in opposition to her will, refused appropriate psychiatric treatment & allowed to STARVE TO DEATH. Video: Site: • Tragic Murder - A CBS “48 Hours” Distinctive on Jeremy Perkins, the mentally disturbed son of Scientologist moms and dads who, as a result of Scientology doctrine of psychiatry, refused To place him to the anti-psychotic drugs that will have stabilized him & prevented him from killing his own mom. Video: CBS report: Supply(s): An overview of Scientology (in my own phrases): ?... Is Scientology a cult? Yes, & This is often why: ?... Scientology in relation to God, Jesus and Christianity: ?... This is often how they provide their cult to Other individuals: aka Procedure Clambake Cult info - Formal internet site - ZER0 C00L ••AM••VT•• · one ten years ago

You see, I know Edwin Dearborn. During the late 80s, he was in command of the “field personnel associates,” that's basically the affiliate plan for Scientology. His position was obtaining men and women to deliver Other individuals in and having to pay them their commissions.

Although the Scientology religion owes a spiritual personal debt towards the Japanese faiths, it was born during the West. Scientology beliefs are expressed within the technological language on the mid-twentieth century.

" She was then advised she might be Cruise' girlfriend, nevertheless the relationship before long finished. Boniadi seemingly signed a non-disclosure settlement with the Church and it has considering that become a perfectly-known actress in "Homeland," "Iron Gentleman," among the other movies and demonstrates.

When Scientologists attain level OT III, they are scientology beliefs yahoo revealed the "secret resources," as director and former member Paul Haggis explained them: Hubbard's hand-created account of your creation fantasy. In keeping with this, seventy five million several years in the past a galactic dictator named Xenu froze folks and dropped their bodies into volcanoes.

His assistant at enough time, Virginia Downsborough, claimed that she had to wean him off the diet program of drugs to which he experienced come to be accustomed.[forty three] Russell scientology beliefs about aliens Miller posits in Bare-confronted Messiah that it was important for Hubbard to be present in a debilitated ailment, so as to current OT III as "a analysis accomplishment of huge magnitude".[forty four]

Within the new panorama documentary you can actually see among the leaders from the organisation in Florida slandering a man that is Chatting with a reporter about the group. You can see element 1 on the documentary below.

Ideal Remedy:  Like a Scientologist of over forty a long time and getting researched the doctrine I don't know of any weird beliefs. Scientology just isn't a belief dependent system. What is true is barely true if we utilize the rules (tools of life) and it works.

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According to Wright in the film, when there were rumors of Travolta attempting to go away Scientology, the Church designed a "black PR package deal" that has "the many harmful content" from his personal auditing periods.

Check out this list of Great Org Donations demonstrating the large push in the final thirty day period prior to the Portland opening. What on earth did they want all that money for? Although the creating was ordered and renovated, frantic fund increasing happened right up for the Could 11th opening. And many of the donations came from persons throughout the Western Usa. It appears like a Scientology broad fund raiding force to donate “to the opening.

I don’t know what LA Org was really accomplishing, but scientology beliefs christmas Rinder says they were falsifying stats. If OC was, it absolutely wasn’t the amount of money stats, for the reason that I did several of those audits.

The loopy stuff roughly scientology for some explanation is just viewed as destinations such as this. in the two decades I hung all around them I noticed and heard now not anything close to aliens or abductions or acquiring folks do risky difficulties to by themselves. It replaced into all some particularly excellent selfhelp stuff investigated (or ripped off just in case you decide) by using a scifi creator during the 1950's. priddle · 6 months ago 0

Formulated by L. Ron Hubbard, Scientology is a religion which offers a precise route leading to a whole and selected understanding of 1’s true spiritual mother nature and one particular’s relationship to self, family, groups, Mankind, all life types, the material universe, the spiritual universe as well as Supreme Being.

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